What is Ricochet Refresh?

Ricochet is an open-source project to allow private and anonymous instant messaging. It is

  • metadata-resistant: nobody knows who you talk to or what you say
  • anonymous: none of your contacts know your location or IP address
  • decentralised: there are no servers to trust, monitor, or hack
  • easy-to-use: your messages are automatically secure and private

Ricochet was launched in 2014 as a different approach to instant messaging that doesn’t trust anyone in protecting your privacy.

Unfortunately, Ricochet has not been updated since late 2016 and is starting to show its age. Ricochet Refresh is an initiative backed by Blueprint for Free Speech, a not-for-profit non-government organisation, to bring Ricochet into 2019 and beyond.

We believe software like Ricochet is important to protect freedom of expression for whistleblowers, activists, and journalists worldwide.


Mac OS X

Ricochet Refresh now has a pre-release for Mac OS X. We have included the latest version of Tor in the pre-release.

Installation instructions

Drag the app into the folder.


Ricochet Refresh now has a pre-release for Linux, tested on Ubuntu 18.04. We have included the latest version of Tor in the pre-release.

Installation instructions


Ricochet Refresh Releases for Windows are on their way, for now, Ricochet is available below. Check back later for updates!
All releases are GPG signed by fB89 8DF4 10CF 4EA2 E6B3 8A7D 260C 7A7E AE9D 91A0

Get Involved

Refreshing Ricochet is a big project and we can't do this alone. If you're an open source developer, we want you to help us continue to update and improve Ricochet Refresh.

You can contribute to our GitHub repository, whether that's with code, by alerting us to bugs you've found, or your suggestions for new features.

Alternatively, if you want to volunteer your time in another way, please contact us.


About Blueprint

Blueprint for Free Speech is a charity that provides research and analysis in support of freedom of expression for all people, as described the UN Declaration of Human Rights.
To ensure these fundamental rights are upheld, we seek a world where protections for free and independent media, freedom of speech, freedom of information, institutional transparency, and support for whistleblowers, are all enshrined in law.

Contact Us

Contact the team on Twitter: @r2refresh
More information about Blueprint can be found at our website blueprintforfreespeech.net.

This website is maintained by Eleanor McMurtry; you can reach them at eleanor@blueprintforfreespeech.net. The repository for this website is also on GitHub.